A little about us

Magnum Foods, Inc. Is a Little Caesars Franchise with 37 locations in parts of Oklahoma and North Texas. We began operations with out first location in 1983. We are a family oriented company with an emphasis on our employee’s quality of life. Magnum Foods is one of the largest franchises in the Little Caesars family and, as a Little Caesars franchise, we sell the pizza voted “Best Value” in America and proudly support the Hot and Ready system. Magnum Foods is an active member and participant of many community organizations proudly supports events in our area all year long.

Career Path

Magnum Foods offers a wide variety of opportunities for employment. We have many entry level positions and several levels of management positions available. Our family atmosphere is responsible for our incredible tenure statistics among many of our employees. In an industry known for turnover, Magnum Foods is proud to be leaders in employee tenure. Many of our members of upper management started as crew members. We pride ourselves on development and advancement from within. We offer most benefits and are very competitive in our compensation packages.

Company Culture

Little Caesars is a fun place to work. We strive to be very competitive internally and with our competition. We also pay close attention to the rapidly changing trends and landscape of our industry and the work force.

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